Only The Best Pocket Pets!

This is my hobbie, Nothing more, nothing less,
Just doing what I love on a small Scale that is easily maintained by Myself without sacrificing
the well being of my Critters.

What we raise,

Winterwhite/Siberian hamsters, Robo hamsters, Chinese hamsters, Syrian Hamsters, Netherland dwarf rabbits, Jumbo japanese quail, Old English Game Birds.

On & off each year we bred a few of our Small Critters and have extra's available As pets to good homes.

Our pocket pets receive the best of foods and lots of lovin care,
We Guarentee all our Little ones to be very Healthy!

All Images on this site belong to this site Admin and is not allowed to be copied, saved or redistributed in any way.

This site is both Owned and Maintained by the owner of all these sweet little critters .
~martha sexton~